About Us

Tignum Design and Engineering

Tignum is a multi-service engineering and design company. Whether you are looking to construct an addition to your home, build an entirely new home, remove a load bearing wall, lower your basement, or do something completely original, we are here to guide you every step of the way from conception to building permits to construction to the final unveiling.

Where we began

Tignum was founded in 2013 by civil engineer and building scientist Jacob Kachuba. Having been in the design and construction industry for some time, Jacob wanted to start a company that could seamlessly integrate all aspects of home design in a manner that is time and cost efficient for clients, without sacrificing quality. The Tignum team grew to offer architectural and engineering design as well as building code, building science, and acoustic consulting to clients across Ontario.

Who we are

At Tignum, we’re not just designers and engineers — we’re also building scientists. When designing homes, whether for renovation or new construction, we integrate building sciences to ensure proper design for longevity and energy reduction. We strive to combine all essential elements with your vision early on in the design process to reduce the amount of time and costs associated with getting the final drawings and building permit application.

What we believe

The structures around us—from residential to commercial, from large-scale to micro—profoundly affect our world. Our buildings must be sustainable and vibrant parts of our communities. They must be designed with respect and compassion. And they must be built with integrity, with vision, and with acuity. At Tignum, we design not just for today, but also for tomorrow. We work with you to create not just a physical structure, but a reflection of how you see the world. And all of this is done with your budget in mind.

Who we work with

Our clients are most often homeowners, cottage owners, commercial tenants, developers, educational institutions, and industrial property owners. We have also worked on special projects for municipalities and companies requiring structural engineering analysis and design.

Where we work

With team members in Brighton and Toronto, we provide engineering and design services to clients all across Ontario, including Northumberland County, Quinte West, Prince Edward County, and the Greater Toronto Area.