About Us

Tignum Design and Engineering Inc. is a multi-service engineering and design company founded in 2013 by civil engineer and Building Scientist, Jacob Kachuba. We are located in Toronto and design for clients not only across the Greater Toronto Area but also across Ontario. We work with clients to take you from initial concept to final design with building permit in hand. Our sister company may also be a great fit for you to continue working with our team throughout your construction or renovation project.

The structures around us—from residential to commercial, from large-scale to micro—profoundly affect our world. Our buildings must be sustainable and vibrant parts of our communities. They must be designed with respect and compassion. And they must be built with integrity, with vision, and with acuity. At Tignum, we design not just for today, but also for tomorrow. We work with you to create not just a physical structure, but a reflection of how you see the world.