Dental Office

Project Details

Design & Engineering Tignum
Construction Tripar
Completion Date 2019
Size 498m² [5360ft²]

A Special Space for Dental Specialists.

This new, state of the art, dental clinic focuses on Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery. Their advanced dental imaging machinery is among the best in the country.

The Tignum design team worked closely with the partners of the new dental clinic to create a space within a space. The doctors wanted to maximize the floor area for patient care activities, therefore, since we could not add any more “space” in the leased area… we had to look up.

Tignum provided design and engineering services for the creation of a mezzanine within the clinic for a staff workroom and additional storage.

Since the new floor area was “additional” floor area to the building, we had to apply for a minor variance for the entire 34 floor building for the creation of a “new level”. This process took time but Tignum got the work done and were able to keep the project moving forward and stick to the tight construction schedule.

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