At Tignum, we use cutting-edge technology to create a digital visual representation of what our designs and drawings will look like “in real life.” This makes it possible for you to truly understand how your home and space will look once the construction is complete.

The primary benefit of being able to visualize the finished design is that it helps you ensure the look and feel of your home is indeed what you’re looking for before construction begins. This helps avoid delays or the cost of making changes during construction.


Photorealistic renderings are a powerful tool to showcase our designs and give our clients the opportunity to avoid future costly changes further into the design process or during construction.

Our specialized software makes it possible to create:

  1. 3D models of the exterior of the home, including the landscaping
  2. 3D floor plans to get a feel for the flow inside the home
  3. Realistic looking renderings of the interior and exterior of the home
  4. Multiple renderings to show various options for materials selection

Learn more about the benefits of renderings on our blog.

Videos and Virtual Reality

Upon request we can create specialized animations for clients.

We enjoy preparing:

  1. Site/outdoor animations
  2. Interior animations
  3. Videos showing the surrounding area
  4. Fly-through videos