Understanding Building Science

Building science is the scientific study of design, construction, and maintenance of buildings. It encompasses a wide range of topics which focus on sustainable design, wall and window design, roof systems, and air conditioning. Individuals who have completed extensive studies and examinations, and have shown to have applicable experience can receive the designation of Building Science Specialist.

A Building Science Specialist has extensive knowledge on how a building responds to various conditions. They focus on how heat, air, water, and moisture move through a building in order to provide the best protection possible to the building assembly. Close attention to these aspects will lead to better comfort of occupants, while also ensuring the sustainability, and energy efficiency of a building.

Building Science during Design

Building Science Specialists go beyond the building code by using the industry’s science-based knowledge and best practices to design and build longer-lasting and better-performing buildings. During the design process, a Building Science Specialist will perform energy simulations, optimize the HVAC system for energy efficiency and air quality, and assess the integrity of the building envelope.

In most cases when it comes to home, a Building Science Specialist is focused on creating a comfortable environment that will have a long service life. In more special cases when building larger buildings or multi-use buildings, air flow and the building design can contribute to the optimization of the energy consumption.

Building Science Investigation of Existing Buildings

Buildings are complex entities that are subject to many forces and conditions which can cause deterioration and damage. Occasionally, building owners will notice defects with their buildings which they want to investigate. In these instances a Building Science Specialist will need to visit the property in order to investigate the cause of the problem. They will use their knowledge of how buildings respond to various conditions to identify possible causes and recommend remedial actions.

A Building Science Specialist must be familiar with all aspects of a building in order to adequately assess the property. One problem may have many different causes which makes it crucial that all of the conditions are taken into consideration before determining which potential causes of failure to investigate and remediate. Sometimes, the nature of the problem will make it that the cause will never truly be known, however, using building science knowledge can help determine how best to prevent further deterioration.

Visualising Finishing Touches

Renderings aren’t just a part of major projects for renovations, additions, or new construction, they can also be for those looking to spruce up their property. Whether looking to redo the interior or exterior of their space, property owners can use renderings to visualise the finishing touches. It can be particularly useful in evaluating multiple options for the interior design as well as determining which materials and colour are best suited for the exterior. The renderings can also serve as a tool to explain the concepts and design tradespeople who will be working on the construction of the project. This saves time and money for everyone involved, and helps ensure people know from the start that they will be satisfied with the finished product.

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