Basement Underpinning

Project Details

Design & Engineering Tignum
Construction Contignum
Completion Date 2020
Size 52m² [560ft²]

Conversion of a basement into a recreation room for the family to enjoy

A young family undertook an underpinning project to create a recreation room that also had cleverly designed additional storage for their home.

Project Highlights:

  1. Basement benching: benching was used to stabilize the old foundation that had undergone some settling and subsequent cracking.
  2. Basement lowering: the remainder of the basement was lowered in order to create a recreational space.
  3. Creative storage: some of the parts of the basement that were benched were converted into storage space.
  4. In-floor heating: in-floor heating was added to the basement to better regulate the temperature in a space that is usually hard to control.

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