Custom Front Porch

Project Details

Design & Engineering Tignum
Completion Date 2019
Material All components are made from structural grade steel and have a galvanized rough finish
Special Notes Required an approval for Minor Variance from the municipality

Be the Black Sheep

Key Project Elements:

  1. When the owners approached Tignum to create a new vision for their porch, they wanted something different and unique. As they said “they want something that has never been done before”.
  2. Tignum took a balanced approach by understanding their vision and their budget to create a unique front porch within a vibrant neighbourhood.

Successful custom designs require a great deal of listening and open dialogue. It is essential to listen to the clients wants and construct firm ideas around abstract concepts.

This custom project required a phased approach since the design was dependent on acquiring a minor variance with the city in order to bring the porch forward and achieve a larger porch area. After this major hurdle was completed, the details were finalized and the end product speaks for itself.

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