Biomass Energy

Project Details

Engineering Design Consultec Ltd.
Field Review Services Tignum
Location Merritt, British Columbia
Energy Production 40MW
Fuel Source Wood residue from local sawmills and logging operations
Construction Value $235,000,000

Field review services for the Merrit biomass facility

A unique project that saw an old sawmill in British Columbia converted into a biomass facility to convert biomass into energy.

Project Highlights:

  1. Provided engineering field reviews for the conversion.
  2. The Merrit biomass facility will convert sawmill and logging waste from the British Columbia forestry industry into electricity.
  3. It will consume 307,000 metric tons of biomass per year.
  4. The power plant will have the capacity to supply electricity to upwards of 80,000 homes in the province, as well as reduce CO2 emissions for the province by 250,000 tonnes annually.

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