Toronto Cement Silos

Project Details

Engineering Design Consultec Ltd.
Construction Supervision Tignum
Completion Date 2013
Silo Height 63m [207ft]
Construction Value $12,500,000

Toronto Portlands silos for cement storage.

Shipping activities in the Portlands area of Toronto are vital to the economy. These specialized silos were made to safely store some of the 2.3 million metric tonnes of material shipped to the Portlands.

Project Highlights:

  1. Each silo is 54m [177ft] in height..=
  2. The silow will store specialized cement for use on exclusive projects in the Greater Toronto Area.
  3. Created over 17 days through the slipforming process.
  4. Construction supervision by Tignum’s structural engineer to perform quality assurance and ensure the structural integrity of the silos.

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