Suspended Stair Design

Project Details

Design & Engineering Tignum
General Contractor DAND Construction
Construction Punch Clock Metalworks
Completion Date 2022

A unique staircase to keep the space airy and filled with natural light

Tignum was engaged by the stair fabricator to do the engineering work for a suspended staircase. Working in collaboration with the fabricator and general contractor it was possible to create an architectural centerpiece for an in-home art gallery.

Project Highlights:

  1. Structural engineering challenge: suspended stairs were designed and built with glass guardrails to keep the space airy and filled with natural light.
  2. Built-in elevator: beautiful residential elevator to ensure the client can use his new home and art gallery throughout his lifetime.
  3. Collaborative project: the staircase was a complex project that required collaborative work between Tignum, the stair fabricator, and the general contractor to design and build something that was structurally sound and beautifully built.

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